About club

The Economic club of Ulaanbaatar established in Ulaanbaatar, on 12th of September 2013.

Decision makers whom influenced to Mongolia’s economy such as politicians, famous economists, top business men. During the meeting discussed about Mongolia’s economic situation, suggest reference and solution to the public and privileged person.

The main goal of the Economic Club of Ulaanbaatar is to determine the underlying issues of the Mongolian economy and to discuss and derive solutions to these issues.

Members of the Economic Club of Ulaanbaatar include politicians, economists, researchers and CEO’s of Mongolia’s top businesses. The club is a hub for Mongolia’s greatest economic minds to discuss the prospects and threats to Mongolian industries and businesses.

The Economic Club of Ulaanbaatar holds monthly meetings. A guest speaker will headline at most meetings, presenting on current economic affairs in Mongolia and around the world. Past speakers have included well-known economists and politicians from Germany, Australia, Japan, USA, China and Canada.

The first meeting’s guests were Mr. Michael Gloss he is Federal Republic of Germany parliament member, and post minister of Economy and Development of Federal Republic of Germany.

Mr. Gerhard Tiedemann ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany. They shared about Federal Republic of Germany’s economic development experience.